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Tripps Plus Las Vegas suggests that During the chilly winter months, Tripps Plus knows that travelers are looking for great ways to escape the cold in a fantastic tropical destination.

During these months, destinations like Hawaii, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean are all great choices, and travelers to these spots can enjoy a little summer fun even in the dead of winter.

To help travelers have the perfect beach vacation, Tripps Plus Las Vegas offers some great travel tips.

Baggies are your best friends:

When you are going to the beach, you should always bring some zip lock baggies. These are great for keeping the water out and the sand in. Before you hit the beach, stow away your phone and other valuables in one of these to keep them safe and dry. Additionally, when it comes time to leave the beach, a large-sized baggie is great for stowing away wet and sandy bathing wear to prevent it from getting all over your luggage.

Bring Snacks:

A day at the beach is sure to work up your appetite, so try bringing along your snacks, especially if you have kids. Tripps Plus Las Vegas recommends fruit like oranges or bananas with peels and does not need to be stored separately to keep the sand out. Individually wrapped snacks are also a great choice.


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Read up before you go: When you are planning on visiting a beach and bringing home some treasures, be sure that you know the rules of the beach you are visiting beforehand. Some beaches will not allow you to bring home shells or fine you if you bring home shells that still have creatures living in them. You should also know if they do not allow pets or fires. Have fun this winter and find your place in the sun with Tripps. We make vacation affordable, and you have the best of times.