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Tripps Plus Las Vegas Goes Over What to Bring on a Hike and offer some information to help make your vacation the best of times for you and your family.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows that you need to make sure to have all the necessary items ready to go before you take off on a hike. First have a trail map of your planned hike.

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Even if you think you know the trail or have planned a path that is a well-marked, having a trail map is a smart thing to do. You never know when a wrong turn might end up in a group of lost hikers.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas understands that another advantage to having a map is you might want to change your mind on the trail or take an unexpected detour. If you have a plan, you will be able to make those decisions with confidence.

Making sure you have your necessities covered. Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows that it will be essential that you stay energized and healthy while hiking. Have water, food, and sunscreen with you. To be prepared for unexpected delays in your return time, bring extra food and water. Food that is not perishable and resistant to smashing is the best thing to carry. Things like the appropriately named “trail” mix, nuts, dried fruit, and energy bars are perfect foods to bring along. Recreational equipment stores also have a great variety of other backpacking foods that will expand the types of foods that are easy to take along.

The most important thing is to advise at your Tripps Plus Las Vegas resort that you are going for a hike and give the directions you intend to follow. Then let your resort staff know when you should be back. This way is you don’t return after 2 or 3 hours from the time you told them they could alert search and rescue. People do twist ankles, and other mishaps may happen. This way makes it so much easier to be found in case something like that happens. We always wish you a safe and happy vacation.

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