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Tripps Plus Las Vegas, a leading provider of stunning vacation accommodations and amenities, knows that for any traveler, one of the top ways to spend a summer trip is soaking up the sun on the beach. Whether in it for the sand, surf, or even more adventurous activities like snorkeling, many travelers wonder which beach will best suit them.

Costa Rica is one country known for its beautiful beaches and has over 300 of them to spend time and relax and enjoy. Here are some for you to consider for your next vacation destination.

Although there are many different beaches to choose from in this stunning country, there are certain spots that cater to every traveler’s different beach needs. For all those looking for a break from the crowds, Playa Potrero is known for being a tranquil place perfect for passing the day. Take in some rays or enjoy reading your favorite novel in the shade of the palm trees in this perfect little spot.


Horseback riding at sunset on the beach in Costa Rica by Tripps Plus


One of the coolest beaches to spend your days relaxing at is Playa Avellanes. Located just 90 minutes away from Guanacaste in the city of Tamarindo, Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows that Playa Avellanes offers travelers the chance to soak up the exotic beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. This beach is often referred to by locals as “little Hawaii” and boasts offshore waves that reach up to 18 feet, perhaps the perfect bet for experienced surfers. This beach has even been voted a Travelers’ Choice of beaches in past years.


Tripps Plus Las Vegas Reviews The Best Costa Rican Beaches


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