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Tripps Plus members say that whether you are looking for a family adventure or romantic getaway, there are many ways to vacation in Costa Rica. Known as a nature lover’s paradise, Costa Rica’s land is covered with beautiful beaches, diverse jungles, and romantic volcanoes.

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This beautiful country is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and offers a wealth of attractions. But to enjoy it all, you need to plan your travel, accommodations, and tours.

Tripps Plus members say that your experience will turn out an absolute delight if you try to book into suitable accommodation so that you can relax and rejuvenate after a long tiring day of sightseeing. The Capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose, is a welcoming cosmopolitan charm, while its natural parks are home to abundant wildlife. To enjoy the jungle from its most affluent perspective, tourists can go off on an unforgettable tour of its rainforest canopy or soak in its thermal springs while watching the beautiful hummingbirds that live in its lush green tops.

Tripps Plus reviews that tourists holidaying from June to October can even watch the Sea turtles and dive and snorkel exploring its colorful reef.

Tourists looking for more action-packed adventure experiences can try river rafting, sport fishing, and trekking along the rugged terrains of its wilderness. While holidaying in Costa Rica, the family vacationers enjoy educational tours as learning comes naturally through a wide variety of activities that teach you interesting facts and expand your perspective. On a guided tour of Costa Rica’s Cloud Forests, you can discover fascinating plants, insects, and rare birds.

Tripps Plus members say that you sure get to enjoy the most unique adventures while holidaying in Costa Rica. Although Costa Rica is known for its vibrant creature of the day, about sixty percent of wildlife found in its tropical rainforest is nocturnal. Through night tours, tourists learn the nocturnal habits and the unique adaptations used as survival in the tropical jungle.

Rain Forest Costa Rica by Tripps Plus

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