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Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows that traveling in and out of the US can sometimes be very stressful if proper precautions are not taken to avoid losing items or bringing unnecessary items. Bearing in mind, that most people love to travel with their “comfort things,”

Tripps Plus Las Vegas has the following traveling tips to share with its members.

  • Don’t bring items you would hate to lose.
  • Leave these items at home:
  • Valuable or expensive-looking Jewelry
  • Irreplaceable family objects
  • All unnecessary Credit Cards
  • Social Security card, library card, and similar items you may routinely carry in your wallet or purse.

Make a copy of your itinerary with your emergency contact at home in case they need to get in touch with you while you are traveling.

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Make two photocopies of your passport identification page, airline tickets, driver’s license, and the credit cards that you plan to bring with you. Leave one copy of this data with your emergency contact person at home; pack the other copy in a place separate from where you carry the originals.

If you are traveling using traveler’s checks, leave a copy of the serial numbers of your travelers’ checks with your emergency contact at home. Carry your copy with you in a separate place and, as you cash the checks, cross them off the list.

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Call your banking institution and credit card provider(s) a few days before your departure to advise them of the dates you will be traveling, where you will be visiting (if you have more than one location involved with the trip), and when you expect to return home. This will help avoid rejected purchases and possible fraud alerts from your bank or credit card provider.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas prides itself on providing the best and most up to date travel tips and information for its members to ensure they travel safe and secure to enjoy their vacations without hassles and worries. Members are encouraged to make checklists of items they will need to bring on their travels and of things to do before leaving and wishing you happy and safe travels with your friends at Tripps Plus Las Vegas!

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