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Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is located only 1 hour from Phoenix and Scottsdale. It is filled with many hiking areas and offers a state park with a breathtaking view of Superstition Springs Mountain.
Depending on your physical ability, you can enjoy a hike up the mountain or take more moderate trails to pace yourself.

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The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine has been named after a German named Jacob Waltz. The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, as legend may have it, is believed to hold the so-called mother lode. The myth has been told repeatedly about the dangers of people met with foul play while searching for the mother load. The location is unknown. The truth is many have been killed searching for it.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas offers you a safer suggestion. As you enter the area, you will see an old ghost town called Goldfield Mining Town. This is a restored version of what it was like in the gold rush era of the wild wild west. With all the structures still in place and restored to their original glory, it offers a unique experience to view life as it was in 1800.

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Once there, you can see all the sites and even enjoy a Zipline ride. They have a western reenactment of a gunfight every hour that shows how justice was carried out in those old times. If you are uncomfortable with the sound of gunfire, they are blanks, so be aware they will be firing at each other. It is all part of a show, and the actors are in full-period costumes.

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The day trips from in and around Phoenix offered by Tripps Plus Las Vegas are sure to be a fun and memorable experience for anyone visiting the area. With plenty of activities to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Tripps Plus Las Vegas – whether you’re looking to explore the city or take a trip out into nature. The reviews show that visitors have had great experiences with their tours, and they recommend them to others. So if you are planning on visiting Arizona, check out Tripps Plus Las Vegas for your next adventure!

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