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Tripps Plus Las Vegas Top 3 Things to Do in New York


Tripps Plus Las Vegas For world travelers, there is probably no more iconic city to visit than New York. From the world-famous Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, the city’s many historic structures and sites were famous long before they were glamorized on film.


Tripps Plus Las Vegas Best Picks for 2020

Las Vegas

1. Visit Times Square

The world-famous Times Square is a feast for the senses. From the massive digital billboards that light up the Square so that night remains day to the people peddling art and jewelry on the street to the street musicians, this stretch of Midtown is what most people imagine when they hear the words “New York.” Visitors can take pictures with wax celebrities at Madame Tussauds or grab a delicious dinner along the famous Restaurant Row (West 46th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues), where many eateries offer prix-fixe deals.


Tripps Plus Las Vegas

2. Watch a Show on Broadway

Visitors don’t have to walk far from Times Square to catch one of the many theater shows on Broadway. Seeing a show has become an essential part of any New York vacation. While ticket prices for some of the more popular shows can be high if purchased at the box office, there are discount tickets available online and at vendors in Time Square. For some shows, we recommend travelers purchase their tickets well ahead of their trip as they sell out for weeks in advance.


3. 9/11 Memorial

This is a more somber site, but Tripps Plus Las Vegas believes it is also an essential New York experience. Admission to the 8-acre memorial is free. The Memorial Plaza, which features more than 400 trees, also features waterfalls that flow into two large reflecting pools, in the towers’ footprints. The bronze parapets that surround the pools are inscribed with the names of the people who lost their lives. The museum part of the memorial, which is located beneath the Plaza, houses exhibitions with artifacts, pictures, videos and accounts from people from around the U.S. and the world.


Enjoy Chicago With Tripps Plus Las Vegas

Chicago is the largest city in the U.S. state of Illinois and epitomizes all things American with a wide variety of sights and sounds. The Chicago area came to European attention in the late 18th century as the city slowly began to prosper and spread. In 1837, Chicago was fully incorporated as a city, and it has continued to grow since that time.

Chicago benefits from its unique location and has served as a necessary transportation and industrial hub for many decades. More recently, this fantastic city has initiated various eco-friendly policies aimed at making Chicago more environmentally sustainable. Political leaders in Chicago have also invested much time and money in making the city more attractive to tourists.

The city’s climate is best described as humid, with hot summers and cold winters. Its Spring and Fall seasons are generally temperate, so they are popular times to visit the city. Chicago is famous for its multi-ethnic communities. These have helped give the city a truly unique character that visitors are sure to enjoy when they visit. Many visitors could spend an eternity exploring this wonderful city and still find new things to enjoy.

The Adler Planetarium, Chicago

Tripps Plus Las Vegas members say to get a taste of the fine cultural element of Chicago, head over to some of its world-famous museums and galleries, including the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum. The Field Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Contemporary Art are also excellent choices and are home to many incredible treasures.

Other options for fun and entertainment include enjoying an excellent variety of performing arts featuring in Chicago. The city is home to some of the most well-known theatre companies, including the Goodman Theatre and the Victory Gardens Theatre. Chicago also has its own Symphony Orchestra, which is one of the best in the world.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows that a trip to Chicago is a truly memorable experience and that anyone who visits will be able to find offerings that suit their tastes. When you are looking for a great location this fall, Chicago is an unbeatable choice.

Hit The Sandy Beaches Of Miami

According to Tripps Plus members, South Beach of Miami is its quintessential hot spot from shopping to partying; Miami Beach is well known for being a trendy locality. Tripps Plus members especially don’t need deep pockets to enjoy a holiday in Miami as this is one city that you can even enjoy on a budget, but you need to plan and book in advance as this will give you more time to spare for enjoyment and fun.

Tourists have always adored the lovely tranquil beaches, the suntans, and the beach volleyball games with other traveling groups at Miami. The beach is not the only thing wonderful; the water sports, including snorkeling, diving, and swimming among the beautiful fishes on top of the corals, have always been astounded.

Tripps Plus recommends the family vacationers spend a day exploring and discovering the unique zoo animals of Miami, which is home to about 2000 animals living in open-air and indoor exhibits residing in their natural habitats and offering an authentic safari feel to it.

This is one of the first free-range zoos that are cage-less, where the animals are grouped according to their geographical location, which undoubtedly helps to educate young minds. Tripps Plus members usually enjoy trekking through its Asian exhibits while visiting the Asian Otter, Komodo Dragons, and Bengal Tigers.

With your membership with Tripps Plus, you now have the opportunity to visit and take more vacations than ever before. Travel and vacations are more important than ever before. They help with sound mental health and also make sure you recharge your life batteries. Life is short, and vacations are the answer to many of life’s issues. 

Aerial view of South Pointe Park and South Beach in Miami

We can’t be cooped up with no adventure. We need to go and explore the world and see the sights we see on TV. This is your time. Make it happen with a Tripps Plus vacation that is affordable and lots of fun. Let choose to have more fun and exciting travel more today with Tripps Plus.

Tripps Plus Offers Suggestions For An Amazing Vacation

Aside from planning and preparing, Tripps Plus knows that going on vacation also involves a particular state of mind. Travelers excited about traveling on vacation will most likely have a much more enjoyable time than those who are less enthusiastic and worry about responsibilities back home. Holidays are meant to be a time to relax and leave worries behind to have an enjoyable trip. Doing this is relatively easy and is possible for anybody.

Be adventurous: One of the most exciting aspects of a vacation is going to new places and experiences new things. By maintaining a sense of adventure and willingness to go off the beaten path, vacationers will tend to discover a whole new world they were unaware of before.

 Tripps Plus is aware that it also comes down to an excellent opportunity to create cherished memories.

Be at peace: While it is tempting to think about responsibilities back home, a vacation is meant to be a time to put that aside. Travelers who constantly worry about such matters can find themselves having a less than pleasant break.

Be thankful: Vacationers who appreciate their time off can make any vacation experience that more meaningful. Those traveling in groups can develop closer bonds to friends and family and encourage more instances where everybody gets together.

Combining these tips can make a vacation an amazing one. With the summer season, travelers should head out now to enjoy a holiday, wherever they might go.



Amazing panorama at Maldives

Tripps Plus is the name you can trust for affordable travel and leisure with prices that make taking those dream vacations easy for the average family.

Holidays are special times to enjoy some of the finer things in life without breaking the bank or exceeding your vacation budget. Our members at Tripps Plus have the opportunity to take a vacation that is more upscale and luxurious than ever before. This is your time; enjoy life while you can and travel more with Tripps. We are a Las Vegas, Nevada company that has clients all over the nation. Make 2021 your year to go and explore.

The Best of Savannah, Georgia’s Historic District

Tripps Plus members know that there are many popular travel destinations in the United States, from L.A. to New York and everything in between. However, they are also aware that some of the biggest and most populists cities are not necessarily the most fun or the best deal. Many other beautiful travel destinations throughout the U.S. are available to travelers looking for something a little more unique.

According to many Tripps Plus members, one of these great vacation destinations is the Historic District in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is an excellent destination for history buffs. It is a unique port city with great importance in Georgia, and its roots lie in colonial America. In 1733, named for King George II, Georgia was the last of America’s thirteen colonies, and Savannah was its first city.

Savannah is also known by many as America’s first thoroughly planned city. Before building began in full force, the organizers laid plans for the town out in a series of grids that allowed beautifully designed parks and shady public squares to be intertwined along wide open streets. These public areas, designed initially to serve as centers of business and town meeting places, were placed strategically throughout the city. Originally, Savannah had 24 of these public squares, and almost three hundred years later, 22 of them are still in existence today.

All travelers to Savannah should visit the downtown Historic District according to many Tripps Plus members. Here, visitors can walk around or ride in a pedicab until they find something that interests them. Many restaurants, shops, monuments, and museums are located all over this area, so it is an excellent place for vacationers to explore. One of the more exciting things to do in this area is to view some of the many historic homes that have tours. These include the homes of notable people such as author Flannery O’Connor, Girl scouts Founder “Daisy” Low, and others that boast famous builders. All of them are lovely to see and can easily take you back in time.

Savannah, Georgia

When visiting Savannah, Tripps Plus also recommends the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. Housed in one of the historic homes, the museum showcases model ships and exhibits on sea and sailing history. The museum also has the most extensive garden open to the public to walk around, enjoy the natural beauty and occasionally catch outdoor concerts.


Tripps Plus Recommends Activities in Costa Rica

Tripps Plus explains that come 2022, Costa Rica will be a great destination to visit and explore. There is a great deal to do in Costa Rica, according to Tripps Plus Resorts, located in Guanacaste. The traveler with a strong sense of adventure will find a plethora of activities to make the most of a trip.


Tripps Plus Recommends Activities in Costa Rica for 2022

The Jungle Crocodile Safari Tour in Jaco is a two-hour event where travelers ride on a river to see crocodiles in the wild along with other wildlife, making for the perfect picture-taking opportunity. The many rock formations in Costa Rica make it an ideal place for rock climbers to experience added excitement in the middle of paradise. There is so much more to mention in regards to activities for the traveler.

Tripps Plus Recommends Activities in Costa Rica recommends the Bahia Combo Tour in Uvita for those who love the water. As the name implies, the tour is a combination of activities all rolled into one event. This includes whale and dolphin watching while snorkeling for an exciting one-of-a-kind experience. Costa Rica is exceptionally well known for its great appeal to anglers. With various types of fish to catch, no other waters in the world are quite as unique as those around Costa Rica.

Tripps Plus resorts are always looking for ways to help guests enjoy all that Costa Rica and many other destinations offer. With such a unique area filled with history and culture, finding something to do is simply a matter of going out and exploring with a sense of adventure in the most classic mind.


snorkeling with Tripps Plus

Tripps Plus offers resorts and hotels, and cruises worldwide. With service second yo none. Tripps Plus has destinations all over the world. We can plan your honeymoon to wedding anniversary to your yearly vacations or even a quick getaway. If you want to travel to an exotic destination like Costa Rica, we can arrange this or take a short trip to Las Vegas. Whichever way you choose, we have you covered.


Tripps Plus Visits Top U.S. Burger Joints

Tripps Plus, a leader in vacation fulfillment provisions and services, knows that when it comes to planning your upcoming summer vacation, there are many different things to look forward to. For all those foodies out there, there are a lot of yummy eats around the U.S. that deserve a shout-out. Start planning your road trip to hit these delicious spots today, and have some of the best burgers around.

Tripps Plus Visits Top U.S. Burger Joints

1. For all those heading to South Dakota this summer, Black Hills Burger and Bun Co. in Custer serves as a can’t miss spot for the best eats. This restaurant was voted the #1 burger joint in America in July 2014. Of course, this famous place is busy. Also, everything is made from scratch, so it does take time to receive food. Despite these things, the service is always exemplary, and everything is worth the wait. Try some of the popular menu items like the Bison Burger or Pulled Pork Nachos.

2. Nic’s Grill, found in Oklahoma City, is a highlight of the city. Voted #1 in the entire state of Oklahoma, Tripps Plus Visits Top U.S. Burger Joints knows foodies flock to eat their burgers with the famous grilled onions and Jalapenos, extra cheese, bacon, and of course, burgers so big you have to eat with a fork. Friendly owner Nic walks around and stops by your table to say hello.




3. Last but certainly not least, head to Sparky’s if visiting New Mexico this summer. Unique menu items keep people coming back and include sweet and savory sides like pineapple coleslaw, sweet corn with green chiles, and onion. Try the Super strawberry shake for a fan favorite: it comes with chile, a swirl of whip cream, and chili pepper sprinkles.

Tripps Plus is one of your top providers of quality, affordable vacations. Life is short, and with Tripps, you get the best of times on holidays for the least amount of money. Our quality is second to none, and we pride ourselves on your vacation experience.


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